Surprising Side Effects of Eating Bananas, According to Science

Whether you like to cook with bananas or you simply love enjoying a banana with a scoop of peanut butter, bananas can provide your body with a myriad of health benefits that leave your body feeling incredible. But it’s important to know all of the side effects that happen when you eat bananas, particularly when it comes to the color of the banana when you peel it. Read on to discover the surprising side effects of eating bananas on the regula.

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The star nutrient in bananas! One small 7-inch banana can provide your body with around 422 milligrams of potassium, which is about 9% of your recommended intake. If you need even more of a potassium boost for the day, bananas are also closely tied with many other fresh produce options. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, and lentils all have as much or significantly more potassium than bananas. Especially white potatoes, which have double the amount of potassium as bananas!

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As bananas turn from green to spotted, they become sweeter. Spotted bananas have a greater impact on blood sugar, and digest more quickly. In fact, as bananas ripen, the glycemic index doubles! Eating bananas while they are still slightly green ensures you get the best blood sugar-stabilizing effect.

For people with diabetes, Toby Smithson, MS RDN, from Diabetes Everyday, says “‚Ķbananas are a source of carbohydrate so they are not an all you can eat food. An extra small banana is considered one serving of carbohydrate, or 15 grams [of] carbs!”

Here’s One Surprising Side Effect

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