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Thinking of new ways to get your family to eat veggies can become tiring, and don’t get me started on bland, overcooked vegetables — they give the good ones a bad rep. You won’t have that problem with these summer sautéed veggies.

This simple recipe is a delicious way to showcase the season’s fresh produce with minimal effort — and minimal heat during those steamy evenings. Make this summer sautéed veggies recipe after a farmers market haul with the best-quality vegetables you can find. It’s worth it!

Summer sautéed veggies ingredients - Dr. Axe Key Ingredients

This summer sautéed vegetables recipe uses nothing but healthy ingredients. Here are the key players in this sautéed veggies recipe:

Zucchini — Loaded with vitamins and minerals, zucchini is a summer vegetable that provides an array of antioxidants that combat inflammation. It’s also good for the gut, eyes, thyroid and adrenals. Yellow squash — As a low-carb vegetable, yellow squash nutrition offers a healthy dose of vtiamin C, potassium, iron, vitamin K and B vitamins, and it can be eaten as part of a low-carb diet. Grape tomato — No matter the type — in this case, grape tomatoes — tomato nutrition is great for combatting chronic disease and inflammation, and it’s great for heart, eye, skin and bone health. Coconut oil — Coconut oil supplies healthy fats and is a much healthier option than hydrogenated cooking oils. Garlic — Supplying flavonoids, oligosaccharides, amino acids, allicin and sulfur, garlic is great for protecting against disease, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and more. Oregano

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