Paleo Brownies Recipe with 7 Perfect Ingredients

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Many people probably put brownies pretty high up there on their list of favorite desserts. Warm, gooey and chocolatey, there’s a lot to love about brownies. But then again, there’s a lot that can be problematic about a traditional brownie. Typically, brownies are made with gluten-rich flour. They’re also usually loaded with inflammatory processed white sugar.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to up the health factor of brownies and still keep them tasty. For example, there’s my sweet potato brownies recipe, which has a similar taste and nutrient boost as a pumpkin brownie recipe. You can also try a zucchini brownies Paleo-friendly recipe!

The healthy options keep on coming, but what if you really just want a healthier version of brownies minus the fruits and vegetables? Well then you’re in luck because I’m about to reveal my rich and delicious Paleo brownies recipe to you.

Whether you’re currently following a Paleo diet or close to it, looking for a flourless brownies recipe, or you’re just wanting a healthier take on this classic recipe, these Paleo brownies are going to be perfect for you! Do you have a milk allergy or are you choosing to avoid dairy for health reasons? This recipe also has you covered since these are completely dairy-free brownies.

Paleo brownies ingredients - Dr. Axe Paleo Brownie vs. Regular Brownie

While these aren’t sugar-free brownies, they are brownies free of processed sugar. Instead of the usual stark white sweetener, this recipe contains maple sugar. This healthier sweetener comes from maple syrup, which is the sap of the maple tree. Unlike processed sugar that offers

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