Is walking the best exercise for weight loss?
If you are looking to build muscle, training for a triathlon in Hawai...then walking isn't the best exercise but if you want to save your joints, slightly overweight or obese...then walking is the BEST exercise to help loose body fat!

What do we need to do to loose weight?

When wanting to loose weight, well body fat, there are a few things that have been proven to work.

1. Exercise: It not only keeps you healthy and great for mental health, but it also burns calories.

2. Insulin: When you eat foods with carbohydrates, your body increase the insulin hormone in your body and this stops the "Body Fat Burn".  Eating more fats and proteins allow the body to lower the insulin hormone and allow the body to tap into your stored fat.

3. Calories: Calories in calories out.  The body needs a certain amount of calories to maintain the bodies healthy and day to day activities.  This includes things like walking, running, digestion, thinking, talking, cooking, resting, working...I think you get the idea.

"Stop starving on Diets, just eat Low Calorie foods that taste good and make you full"

What makes walking better than running?

Walking is a low impact exercise, so it's perfect for people with extra body fat because it will be less of a strain on your joints.   The more body fat you have, the more weight is applied to your knees and other joints of the legs.  If you weighed 300 lbs for example, that would you a lot of weight applied to your knees and could result in an injury.

How long should I walk for?  

Any length of time is great, what ever you can do and as long as you can do it.  Ideally if you can fit it into your schedule daily, like every morning or afternoon, that would be a great start!

What the calorie?  

As you know our body runs on energy and in North America that is measure by Calories.  Food contains Calories, good and bad Calories, but it is all energy that the body can burn for energy.  When it comes to body fat loss, the goal is to keep your calories low, lower than what your body needs for daily maintenance.  

If you don't know your daily maintenance, you can use this calculator to work it out.  Just remember it is a guide.  If you have an Apple Watch, or another device that tracks your movement, it will calculate that for you automatically.

So to loose body fat, your calories from food need to be lower than your daily maintenance and activity for that day.  That is it!

The problem is most foods, especially the taste processed foods like pizza, cakes, chocolates, packaged meals, etc are high in calories and once eaten it adds up quickly.   If you walk for an hour, you might burn between 250 to 500 calories and that's pretty good, but the moment you eat like a mars bar which is like 230 calories...that walk was for nothing and you're back to zero.

So what the answer?  

The answer is to eat low calorie foods but not low calorie foods that make you feel hungry again 5 minutes later!  A lot of people take in extra calories from snacking and that's the way to put on weight but not to get it off, unless it is low in calories.

You could eat an apple for example, which would be around 50-60 calories but a lot of people don't like apples...then what?

Well at they provide snacks, drinks, meal plans, food with low calories in mind!

Using the delicious example above, the shake is only 100 calories and it taste good too, and helps keep you full!  The shake could be used as a meal replacement, like for a lunch for example, or for a snack.  Instead of eating that burger or pizza for lunch (250-500 calories) you could just have a shake and it would only be 100 calories.  

If you prefer an actual meal for lunch, you could try these:

What other ways can lower your calories?

There has been a lot of talk about Intermittent Fasting and regular Fasting.  Basically it is when you choose to skip a meal.

Why would people do this?  Well if you skip breakfast or lunch, or both of are not eating any calories and that helps keep you below your daily maintenance. 


If a pound of body fat is around 3500 calories, and you want to loose 10 pounds...then you need to cut out 35,000 calories or not eat 35,000 calories.  To do this, you could FAST for 10 to 15 days, but you will be hungry all the time or at least for a few days.  The ideal way is to eat foods that are low in calories and create your deficiency that way, so you are not hungry all the time and people don't think you are try to starve your self.

If you would like to try some low calorie foods by Diet Direct, you can view their website at

Happy walking!