Eating Habits That Speed Up Belly Fat Loss In Your 60s, Say Dietitians

Finding healthy, sustainable ways to lose weight can be difficult at any age. With fad diets and “quick” fixes all around us, it can start to feel like those are the only good options for successful weight loss. But regardless of your age, there are safe and long-lasting habits you can adopt in order to meet your goals in a healthy way.

We wanted to learn more about safe and effective weight loss habits for people in their 60s, since this decade brings many bodily changes that can affect weight loss such as metabolism and lifestyle shifts. In order to do this, we talked with a few expert dietitians to get their advice on simple eating habits that can help!

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People may often assume that eating less is the key to weight loss, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, getting enough calories becomes even more important as you age, regardless of your weight loss goals.

Eating often is actually a key to weight and fat loss! Think of your metabolism like a fire; in order to get a fire blazing you have to light it. Then, to keep it burning, you add small amounts of wood every few hours. The same is true with metabolism, you need to jumpstart it with breakfast, then keep it burning by eating small, frequent meals every few hours. Eating more often will help you manage hunger and fullness, ultimately helping you manage portion sizes and the amount of calories you consume,” says Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook and member of our expert medical board.

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