7 Eating Habits to Lose Belly Fat and Slow Aging, Say Dietitians

Every body has a different size, shape, and weight. And despite common belief, your weight is actually not always an indicator of your health. This is especially true as you get older and experience more natural weight fluctuation.

When it comes to weight, what is more important to look out for is a type of fat called visceral fat, which sits around your stomach area. This is known as the “dangerous” type of fat because it grows around your organs and can increase your risk of certain diseases. Because of this, managing your visceral fat as you age can be an important part of preventing age-related disease.

Learn how changing some of your eating habits can help you lose this belly fat and slow aging in the process, and for more healthy eating tips, check out 5 Best Low-Sodium Recipes to Reduce Heart Disease Risk.


Drinking enough water is key to every aspect of your health. If you’re not getting enough of it, you may experience things like irritability, feeling much hungrier, bladder troubles, heart and kidney issues, and lack of energy, to name a few of many. So when you’re looking to adopt some healthier habits, start with your water intake.

Drinking water can help fill you up so that you eat less overall, and it also helps keep your skin looking young and healthy by flushing out toxins from your body,” says Janet Coleman, RD with The Consumer Mag.

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When it comes to healthy eating in order to slow aging, you can’t go wrong with vegetables.

“Vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all of which help keep you young and healthy,” says Coleman. “You should

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