7 Eating Habits That Help You Feel Younger After 50

Age is just a number. Whether you’re 32 or 82, you can feel young at any age. But society is always trying to tie negative connotations to aging, especially once you’ve reached 50. If you’re in your 50s, you’re either “over the hill” or having your “mid-life crisis.” However, being in your 50s is a beautiful thing, and you can enter that decade feeling healthy and young.

To learn more about healthy aging, we talked with a few dietitians to get their tips on feeling younger as the years pass by. Continue reading to learn more, and for more healthy aging advice, check out 5 Diet Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People.


Including regular servings of fatty fish in your diet can help you feel better as you age, especially if it replaces some servings of red or processed meat.

“Fatty fish, such as salmon, herring, and mackerel are excellent foods for healthy skin. They’re all high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to support skin and hair. They are also a great source of collagen and vitamin E, both of which contribute to skin hydration, elasticity, and potentially wrinkle control,” says Courtney D’Angelo, MS, RD, registered dietitian and author at Go Wellness.

D’Angelo notes that grilling or baking fish is the healthiest way to prepare it, and “stay away from fried fish because you’ll be consuming grease and other potentially unhealthy oils.”

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Getting enough protein is always important, but it’s especially crucial as you age.

“If you aren’t eating enough protein, chances are you’re feeling lethargic, which could lead to joint pain, depression symptoms, and make you feel old. But, in order to feel

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