4 Worst Foods for Back Fat, Say Dietitians

Like abdominal fat or visceral fat, back fat can sometimes creep up on you, especially when you’re not realizing it. Back rolls occur when a body stores fat, which is a super common and normal thing to develop amongst the general population. As much as you may not like seeing it, this occurs more often than not, and chances are you’re not alone in feeling this way.

According to Molly Hembree, MS, RD, LD, a member of our medical expert board, an intake of certain foods do not solely translate to “back fat.” Back fat is developed by a combination of many habits, genetics, and a person’s own body distribution/composition that would make fat appear on the back.

However, although not the main reason, there are foods that may make you more likely to gain weight if consumed in excess, including developing potential back fat. Keep reading to find out what types of foods cause weight gain. Then, check out Eating Habits Secretly Increasing Your Abdominal Fat, Say Dietitians.


“Added sugars, explicitly called out under ‘total sugars’ on a nutrition facts label, from candy to ice cream to pastries supply very minimal health benefit, but make a sizable contribution at four calories per gram,” says Hembree.

There is an association between excess added sugar intake and weight gain and obesity. Typically speaking, a diet full of added sugar and excess calories, can lead to weight gain anywhere on your body, including your back. According to Hembree, excess added sugar is defined as 50 grams per day for most adults, so be sure to look out for any foods that contain high amounts.

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Although it provides other potential benefits

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