4 Major Effects Drinking Beer Has on Your Health, New Study Says

From old-school favorites to current fads, some could argue that beer lovers have never celebrated the beverage quite as passionately as they are right now. If you’re one of them, researchers have identified a few key benefits that beer may have on your longterm health. Salut!

Before we explore what this study uncovered, it might be prudent to note: We’re not promoting heavy drinking, or even alcoholic drinking at all. In this meta-analysis, which was recently published in the international, peer-reviewed journal Nutrients, a team of nutrition and food science researchers in Spain examined studies from 2007 to 2020 that had all considered the effects of mostly alcoholic beverages on health. However, some of the studies they reviewed suggested that naturally occurring nutrients in the beer, and not the alcohol itself, were what delivered some of these health benefits. Since the choice of non-alcoholic beers has never been more abundant, parts of this study also mean good news for beer drinkers who abstain from alcoholic beer.

Also important is that the researchers who conducted this meta-analysis found that very moderate beer consumption was essential to experiencing the health benefits of beer. In fact, they suggest just one drink per day for women and two for men is the maximum. Based on those measures, learn what they found about possible health benefits from beer—also don’t miss These Are the 25 Worst Beers in the World.


The researchers state that five of six studies they selected for review identified “a protective effect of moderate alcohol drinking on cardiovascular disease.” This was true for individuals who regularly drank up to 13.5 ounces of beer per week when compared to abstainers and occasional drinkers.

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The researchers state: “Men abstainers had a

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