Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is growing in popularity and for good reason. It’s a great way to get exercise and just about anyone can do it. Nordic walking is already popular across Europe and has gained popularity in North America as more people learn about the health benefits of this simple yet effective sport.

Unique Features of Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a very specific exercise that encourages the walker to engage their upper body as well as their legs when they go for long, vigorous walks. The way that the upper body is engaged is through the use of special walking poles that are similar to ski poles. These Nordic walking poles can be used to include the upper body and encourage more vigorous physical activity than a simple stroll in the park. You can pick up a pair of lightweight aluminum poles on Amazon for about $50.

Nordic Walking is Easy to Learn

Nordic walking is also popular because it’s relatively simple to learn. After a few simple introductory lessons, anyone can start to take advantage of the benefits of Nordic walking. Best of all, as you get better at Nordic walking, you’ll improve your technique and speed, improving and being challenged at your own pace.

Improvement at Your Pace

Anyone who starts out with Nordic walking will find that the benefits come at the pace of the user. In other words, you determine how much you get from the exercise and can ramp up in a way that is comfortable. You can start as slowly and cautiously as you want, but by simply doing the exercise, you’ll be improving and gaining strength.

Nordic walking is a great exercise option for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is easy to start and produces rapid health effects. Nordic walking is a full body exercise that increases heart rate, uses muscles in every major muscle group, and doesn’t require machines, a gym, or especially challenging skills besides walking!

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