finding money on the ground

Finding Money While Walking

One of the great things about walking is that travelling at a slower pace than most folks allows you to notice things that others miss; like lovely flowers and frolicking squirrels, or, perhaps best of all, cash money on the ground.

Of course these tiny windfalls aren’t going to add up to enough to quit your day job. In fact, they’re probably more accurately classified as mental/emotional benefits to walking than financial. You have to admit though, finding a twenty (or three) just laying on the ground as if it was just waiting for you to walk by is a real mood lifter. It can make your day.

There’s probably some kind of bell curve type of relationship between the likelihood of finding money on the ground and population density. Too few people and there’s nobody to drop money; too many and odds are someone else will find it before you. There’s got to be some sweet spot.

But if you walk in a moderately populated area, try this: keep your eyes peeled, scanning the ground in a ten- or twenty-foot half circle in front of you. You’ll be surprised at how good the human brain is at perking up when presented with the sight of paper currency lying about.

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